The “Samuel M. Jackson House” Is For Sale in Apollo, PA

This unique Italianate house was built in 1883 by Samuel M. Jackson, who was a Brigadier General during the Civil War.  While Samuel M. Jackson is not to be confused with actor Samuel L. Jackson, he was in fact the grandfather of another well-known actor — the legendary James “Jimmy” Stewart — who is of [...]

170-Acre Country Estate Known As “Poplar Springs” To Be Auctioned (67 Photos!)

I just stumbled across an amazing country house estate that will be auctioned next month!  Located just 50 miles south of Washington DC, and set on more than 170 acres of Virginia’s finest hunt country, this property — now known as “Poplar Springs” — will be sold at public auction on Wednesday, November 6 at [...]

Ca. 1894 ‘English Cottage’ For Sale in San Dimas, CA – $599,900

When I hear “English cottage,” I don’t tend to think of California.  Yet this house seems to blend English cottage with Arts and Crafts architecture to create a quaint home that fits perfectly into a west coast landscape full of Craftsman bungalows.  Located in San Dimas, California, and called ”one of the prettiest [houses] on San [...]

Georgian Estate in Wicomico, VA — “West End” — To Be Auctioned

I’ll add this one to my growing wish-list.  ”West End” is a beautifully restored and fully furnished historic estate c.1790, and includes a main residence, guest house and multiple accessory buildings on approximately 32 acres of lush landscape and formal gardens.  According to NYC-based Concierge Auctions, the property will sell at a live auction on [...]

UPDATE: Amazing Italianate in Wellington, Ohio (Best Old House Town- 2010) Offered for Just $94,900

It’s no surprise that “This Old House” chose Wellington, Ohio as one of its “Best Old House Towns” in 2010.  Wellington is a “quaint and quiet northern Ohio town” with a small population of people (4,700), but a large population of beautiful historic houses.  The town features an impressive spectrum of Victorian era houses — [...]

“Bleak Hill” Estate to be Auctioned in King George, VA

In less than a month, the impressive “Bleak Hill” Estate, in King George, Virginia, will be auctioned.  Original portions of the house were built in the 1790s by historically renowned architect, Dr. William Thornton — the designer of the U.S. Capitol building.  The estate offers an incredible panoramic view, so it’s not surprising that it’s [...]

“Lottery Hill Farm,” Michael J. Fox’s former Federal-Style House in Woodstock, VT, Now Offered for Sale

If you’ve never been to Woodstock, Vermont, it’s one of those beautiful New England villages that is a big tourist spot because it is widely-heralded as “quintessential” New England.   It has an old town green with lots of classical-revival houses surrounding it.  There are ordinances to protect nice views of the village and its surroundings.  [...]

Museum-Caliber “Abner Richmond Tavern” offered in Westford, CT (51 pics!)

I rarely use the term, “museum-caliber” when describing historic properties.  This house is museum-caliber. In my mind, museum-caliber means several things: exceptional architecture, a large amount original (or early) details, accurate historical information, and perhaps most importantly, the house must feature a lot of early period furniture & decoration to make the house “feel” the [...]

Historic Log Cabin in Historic Gettysburg — The Congressman Thaddeus Stevens Cabin ($159,000)

This property just drips with historical significance!   Now offered for sale (at just $159,000!) is a log cabin that was constructed in 1790 — just 7 years after the American Revolution.   So it has withstood the test of time and witnessed a lot of history — including, of course, the famous Battle of Gettysburg [...]

The Gilbert Mansion in Hamden, Maine has Several Stories. Tales, That Is.

Quick — what do all the following things have in common?:  Susan B. Anthony, exotic animals, a U.S. ambassador, 1960s hippies, and Stephen King.  Yep, you guessed it . . . they all have connections to “the Gilbert Mansion,” a unique Victorian home in Hampden, Maine. The history I was able to dig up about [...]